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Change the grid

The grid is there to guide you when drowing. You can alter the grid choosing one of the following:
Change the grid color Change the grid size   

Change the rope color and width

You can alter the color/width of an existing rope or define the defaut state to be applied to new rope:
Change the color: Pick a rope or the default icone and select a new color. Change the width: Pick a rope or the default icone and select a new width.   

Create/delete a rope

Note that actions which alter a rope have to be confirmed (or cancelled).

Manage the number of rope in your drawing:
Add: Select this option and start drawing a new rope. Duplicate: Pick an existing rope and drag the copy. Delete: Pick a rope to be deleted.

Move a rope

Manage the position and orientation of the rope:
Move: Pick a rope and drag it on the drawing. Rotate: Pick a rope and select a rotation angle. Mirror: Pick a rope to be mirrored.

Alter the rope path

You can redraw portion of a rope or extend it:
Redraw: Extend a rope by picking it's end. Redraw an inner portion of the rope. Straighten: Pick 2 points on a rope for replace the curve in-between by a straight line.   

Switch between the Drawing and Intersections views

Once you are done with the drawing you can go to the intersection view, there the border of the rope will be displayed and by picking an intersection you will toggle it.
You can switch back to the drawing at any time.
Switch to the Intersections view. Switch to the Drawing view.   

Save and export .svg

It is possible to save a drawing for later use. One can also export a completed drawing as a svg file.
Save: Save your drawing. Open: Open a saved drawing. Export: Export the drawing as a .svg file.


Draw your knots and export them as .svg files  Developed by F. Dubath using (partially based on Tiling ).
 Thanks to Claude from IGKT France for the beta testing.

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