Tiling display three different parts: the toolbox, the working zone and the result zone.

Using tools one create and modify strings into the fundemental zone (of the chosen wallpaper group) displayed into the working zone, result knot is diusplayed in real time.

Choose a wallpaper group :

In the menu "File – New…" choose the group (yes, I have implemented only 7 out of the 17 possible group)

Add a string :

There is three kind of string (second line of the toolbox) their availibility depend on the choosen wallpaper group.)

Modify a string :

Additional tools when an object is selected :

Options :

"Option" menu allows you to

SAve, print :

"File" menu allows you to

This version do not prevent collision beween dots, if 2 dots are too close (with respect to the string width) this may lead to misbehavior into the plot.

PostScript image are way much detailled than the drawing into the result zone.